African Crowned Eagle

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The African Crowned Eagle is a very large, powerful, crested bird of prey found in sub-Saharan Africa; in Southern Africa it is restricted to suitable habitat in the eastern areas.

It mainly inhabits dense forests. Its staple diet consists of monkeys and other medium-sized mammals. To a far lesser extent, birds and large lizards are also taken. However, 98% of the diet is mammalian.

While it, on average, weighs less and has a smaller wing-span than the Martial Eagle, the Crowned Eagle is Africa's most powerful and ferocious eagle in terms of the weight and nature of prey taken. It mainly preys on mammals such as Duikers, weighing up to 30 kg. Due to their similarities, the Crowned Eagle is often considered Africa's analogue of the Harpy Eagle.


African Crowned Eagle, Fort Worth Zoo

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