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The Brown Pelican is the smallest amongst all species of pelican. It is 140 cm in length and weighs around 5.5 kg. Wingspan is around 2.5 m

The Brown Pelican can be seen on coasts in the Americas from Washington and Virginia south to northern Peru and the mouth of the Amazon River, as well as in Trinidad and Tobago. Some immature birds may stray to inland freshwater lakes.

The nest location varies from a simple scrape on the ground on an island to a bulky stick nest in a low tree. These birds nest in colonies, usually on islands. After nesting, North American birds move in flocks further north along the coasts, returning to warmer waters for winter.

Brown Pelican is distinguished from the American White Pelican by its brown body and its habit of diving for fish from the air. It eats mainly fish and amphibians. Groups of Brown Pelicans often travel flying low over the water's surface.


Double-crested Cormorants & Brown Pelican, Key West
Brown Pelican, Key West
Brown Pelican, Sea World
Brown Pelican, Sea World

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