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The common crane is a large, stately bird and a medium-sized crane. It is 50 in long with a 100 in wingspan. The body weight is 7 kg.

This species is slate-grey overall. The forehead and lores are blackish with a bare red crown and a white streak extending from behind the eyes to the upper back. The overall color is darkest on the back and rump and palest on the breast and wings. The primaries, the tips of secondaries, the alula, the tip of the tail, and the edges of upper tail coverts are all black and the greater coverts droop into explosive plumes.


Common Crane in flight, Little Rann Of Kutch
Juvenile Common Crane, Little Rann Of Kutch
Common Cranes, Little Rann Of Kutch
Common Crane taking off, Little Rann Of Kutch

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