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The Gadwall is 56 cm long with a 90 cm wingspan. The male is slightly larger than the female, weighing on average 990 g against her 850 g. The breeding male is patterned grey, with a black rear end, light chestnut wings, and a brilliant white speculum, obvious in flight or at rest. In non-breeding plumage, the male looks more like the female, but retains the male wing pattern, and is usually greyer above and has less orange on the bill.

The female is light brown, with plumage much like a female Mallard. It can be distinguished from that species by the dark orange-edged bill, smaller size, the white speculum, and white belly. Both male and female go through two moults annually, following a juvenile moult.


Female Gadwalls, Khadakwasla Dam
Male Gadwall, Khadakvasla Back Waters (IAT)

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