Golden-fronted Leafbird

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The Golden-fronted Leafbird is a species of leafbird and a common resident breeder in India, Sri Lanka, and parts of Southeast Asia.

Its habitat is forest and scrub. It builds its nest in a tree, laying 2-3 eggs. This species eats insects and berries. This is an active leaf-green arboreal bird, with golden-orange forehead. Black chin. Female plain green. Beak thinner than Barbet. Hunts among the foliage for insects, clinging upside down and in all manner of acrobatic positions.

The adult is green-bodied with a black face and throat bordered with yellow. It has an orange forehead and blue moustachial line, but lacks the blue flight feathers and tail sides of Blue-winged Leafbird. Young birds have a plain green head.


Golden-fronted Leafbird, Pench Tiger Reserve
Golden-fronted Leafbird, Mulshi, Pune
Golden-fronted Leafbird, Tamhini

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