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The Grey-breasted Prinia is a small warbler, resident breeder in the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka and southeast Asia. It is typically found in open woodland, scrub jungle, and other open areas with some grass.

These 15 cm long warblers have short rounded wings, a longish tail, strong legs and a short black bill. In breeding plumage, adults are grey-brown above, with no supercilium, a black eye stripe and orange eye-ring. They have a rufous wing panel. Grey-breasted Prinia's underparts are white with a grey breast band. Non-breeding birds have browner upperpart plumage and a white supercilium, but lack the breast band. Young birds are like non-breeding adults but more rufous above. Like most warblers, Grey-breasted Prinia is insectivorous.


Grey-breasted Prinia, Sinhagad Forest Area
Grey-breasted Prinia, Kelshi
Grey-breasted Prinia, NDA Road, Warje
Grey-breasted Prinia calling, Pabe Ghat

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