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The Indian Blackbird is a species of Thrush family. It was formerly considered a subspecies of the Common Blackbird. It is found in India and Sri Lanka.

The male has brownish slate-grey upperparts, with darker brown to blackish crown and ear coverts. Underparts are paler brownish-grey. They have distinct eye-ring and patch of orange post-orbital skin, and orange lets & feet. Females are more uniform brown with paler underparts. This species breeds in woods and gardens, building a neat, mud-lined, cup-shaped nest. It is omnivorous, eating a wide range of insects, earthworms, berries, and fruits.

The Indian Blackbird has a loud melodious song resembling that of Oriental Magpie Robin.


Female Indian Blackbird in her nest, Lonavala
Female Indian Blackbird feeding her chicks, Lonavala
Female Indian Blackbird carrying earthworms, Lonavala
Female Indian Blackbird, Mahabaleshwar
Indian Blackbird, Sinhagad Forest Area
Indian Blackbird, Sawarde-Dervan, Near Chiplun
Indian Blackbird, Sinhagad Forest Area


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