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The Lesser Yellownape (Picus chlorolophus) is a type of woodpecker which is a widespread and often common breeder in Indian Subcontinent. This is a jungle species which nests in a tree hole, laying two to four white eggs. The Lesser Yellownape is a largish species at 27 cm in length. It has a typical woodpecker shape. The upperparts are green apart from the bright yellow tufted nape. The neck and breast are green and the belly is whitish, finely barred with green. The rump and tail are blackish. The adult male Lesser Yellownape has a green head with a white throat. He has red markings above the eye and above the nape, and red moustachial stripes. Females have only a red patch above the ear coverts. Young birds are like the female, but duller.


Lesser Yellownape, Kausani

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