Pangolin - World's most trafficked animal!

Pangolins are world's most trafficked mammal for their meet and for their keratin scales which are considered having medicinal properties. Habitat loss due to deforestation is further making their situation worst, causing a significant decrease in their numbers. Its high time to come together and increase awareness of the only scaled mammals.

Aftermath of Cyclone Nisarga

June 3, 2020: The cyclone Nisarga devastated many villages in in coastal Konkan. With a speed of 130 kmph and a radius of around 60 km, it’s landfall was near Shrivardhan. It lasted for 3 hrs. Plenty of houses were damaged, countless palms of betelnut, coconut have been flattened. Trees like Mango and Jackfruits were uprooted. Electricity polls and transmission wires are damaged and all these villages have been in the dark for more than a week.