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The Oriental White-eye is a small perching bird in the White-eye family. It is a resident breeder in open woodland in tropical Asia east from India to China and Indonesia. They forage in small groups, feeding on nectar and small insects. They are easily identified by the distinctive white eye-ring and overall yellowish upperparts. Several populations of this widespread species are named subspecies and some have distinctive variations in the extent and shades of yellows in their plumage.

This bird is 9 cm long with yellowish olive upper parts, a white eye ring, yellow throat and vent. The belly is whitish grey but may have yellow in some subspecies. Male and Female look similar.

Races of the Western Himalayas has the upper side dark green and the flanks are tinged in brown. In Sri Lanka, it is smaller and has a brighter back and throat.


Oriental White-eye, Kumbhargoan
Oriental White-eye, Mahatma Society
Oriental White-eye, Sinhagad Forest Area
Oriental White-eye bathing with Tickell's Blue Flycatcher in background, Sinhagad Forest Area

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